Football and mopeds by Z

We caught a tuktuk to the computer-lab. it is time to put the old crappy computers in. When it was time to clean the keyboards my mummy got bitten by a red ant and she told me it STUNG!

In the afternoon we went to the football pitch. We cut off the lumps. It was cool because after we played a game of football. Me, my Dad and my brother were wearing Liverpool T-shirts.


After I did the football pitch I got to ride on this person who teaches at CAD1 motorbike, on the back and it looked like this. And I loved it and it was awesome.



+ there is no more


My mummy also came. Oscar and I didn’t really play, we were crafting weapons.


There is no more I mean it now.


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1 Response

  1. Jilly Cook says:

    Zacharoons! What a really fascinating story of what you have been doing! I loved reading it! All so very different and really interesting you must be learning so much and you are working really hard. I love you very much. Mimi xxxxx