Before we go, what I want to know about Cambodia – by Z

This is me, Little Z, and my questions to find out before I go to Cambodia

1. How hot is it?

2.  Is the  rain hot or cold?

3. What kind  of food is there?

4. Is there healthy water?

5. What kind of animals are there?

6. What kind of diseases are there?

7. What kind of houses do they live in?

8. What cloths do they wear?

9. Do the monks go to work?

10. Are there insects that bite?

11. What kind of insects are there?


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3 Responses

  1. Jilly Cook says:

    Zacharoons! Really good questions! Very well done!

  2. Zach and Oscar, the insects aren’t so bad – you get used to them. (I lived in Australia, the home of gruesome insects). You will learn which ones are dangerous and which ones are just gross looking. Have you seen this guy’s amazing photos?

  3. thieftosilver says:

    Zach and Oscar, scary insects get a lot less scary quite quickly – you get used to them. I know this because I lived in Australia. What you have to work out is what the dangerous ones look like, as opposed to the ones that just look gross. Have you seen this guys photos?