I’m Annie, and this is Me.Annie

I am made up of many parts.

I strive to be happy with a physical me.  A fleshy, squidgy me that was made to be just this way.

I have to be proud of this fleshy, squidgy me as it gave birth to two of the most incredible people in the world.  My precious, passionate, vibrant boys.

I’m a wife to J.  I’m a daughter.  A sister.  A friend.

I’m a communicator. A networker.  A digital junky.  A frustrated creative.

I’m a traveller.  A discoverer.  A learner.

I have ridiculously high expectations.

I am many things.

Through a collection of short stories and observations Sunflower Journey has become my memory box.   Memories of my life, my personal adventure and learning journey which has taken us to different countries in the world and of course a closer look at ourselves.

This is raw, honest and truthful self-reflection on the world the way it is, the way I see it, feel it and live it.

This is Me.  Welcome to Sunflower Journey. I hope you’ll stay a while.