Transitions of a midlife stew

Some would say we’re stuck in a midlife stew, but I would argue it is a conscious decision to spend the next 40 years shaping our lives so we can feel happier about what we do each day.  Despite success in our working lives, we have felt unfulfilled.

So here we are ending our 4-year New Zealand phase and a vibrant Asia phase begins.  We have taken up a volunteer project in the ancient and mysterious city of Battambang,  Cambodia.  We will work as a family in the peaceful community Buddhist Temple and provide teaching, fun and games a children’s activities centre.  Our children will work alongside us.

After Cambodia our path is less defined. We call it wandering.  Allowing ourself freedom to follow our nose, to get lost, seek opportunities, discover.   We may ride rickety cycles through Vietnam.  Experience the life and smells of the rivers in Laos, or even brave the crowded clickety-clack of the rail journey from Mandalay in Myanmar.  I really don’t yet know.

From October, we will stay in the bustling city of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, devouring tropical rainforests, hawker night markets and the mighty Mt Kinabalu.  Our intention is to return to our home in the UK, we just don’t know when.  Maybe the Asia phase won’t last long, maybe it will.

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