Cutting the cord, quitting work

We have now been on the road for a few weeks – not quite Asia, but we have packed up and left New Zealand where we had been living for 4 1/2 years and now back in England seeing family and friends.   We have temporarily ditched the steady, safe working world which is a mixed bag of feelings.

It is surprisingly difficult not working.  I have spent all our adult years working, being a work “something”.  A work divorce with which comes a loss of identity – that part of your world where you functioned for someone else.  Bound by the rules, culture, requirements of an organisation.  A whole part of your day to day life has gone (Monday to Friday!).  Now I need to recalibrate and channel this time and energy into day-to-day living.  Yes, it’s a fantastic sense of freedom, but it is a unwinding process which is not all that easy.     It will take me time to move to the slow, or the slow-er lane.

Post-divorce adjustment.  It is uncomfortable.  Every divorce brings about change.  And change is not easy.  I need to trust myself that I have made the right decision.  For now this is a process.  It involves family support and taking care of myself.  Spending time here in England doing the things I enjoy.  Spending time with  people I care about.  Taking time to recharge my batteries.  A divorce brings new beginnings. I want to discover interests from the past – reading, history, arts.  It’s a big ask, but this journey is about positive change, and I am excited to see what unfolds..




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