At last, the time to talk

There is so much more time to TALK.

To take time to answer the questions and chat  – in a shop, at home, on the phone with friends.

No longer this voice in your head reeling off all the million and one things you are supposed to do before you get to the office the next day and how you haven’t really got time to be talking right now.  It’s incredibly sad when you think about it.

With the glorious advent of technology, now we are permanently attached to devices screaming at us that there is more to do, more emails to answer, a boss waiting for a response, a client in need of your attention.  This has crept into our home and private lives and actually fundamentally taken us away from the people we care about.

I am guilty.  Absolutely.  I am permanently attached to my smartphone.  But for me it is this incessant desire to communicate.  To connect and communicate with people.  Probably a desire also to be “on top of things”, but really, talking, chatting, emailing, messaging is what I love.   Unfortunately when you take that trait with you to work, you end up permanently working from your smartphone too.  Unless you physically turn off the work email in the evenings / weekends, you are bound to be responsive to the demands.  A vicious circle hard to break.

I guess I’ll have to break it, we can’t get signal everywhere we go on our travels, and more importantly it will cost a lot of money!  Our communication will be planned, focused, concentrated.  How will that feel?!


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2 Responses

  1. Jilly Cook says:

    Oh Annie! You are so right! Even my age group are addicted!……Or maybe some of us are!
    Make the most of this wonderful opportunity. Enjoy. Be happy. Live the Life.

  2. B Hands says:

    Great to follow your adventures Annie! And I love what you’ve said about having time (and “room”) to talk! It’s going to be amazing for you to have the luxury of filling your minds with what YOU want and not what is wanted of you. Can’t wait for the next instalment…x