One journey ends and another begins

As we pack up our lives here in Penang, we have also had a little dose of culture to acknowledge our Asia experience through Cambodia and Malaysia.  We took time out of our busy packing schedule to visit Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam in Penang, one of the largest Buddhist temples in South-East Asia, dating back to the 1890s.  Kek Lok Si is a centre for Chinese culture and Buddhist teaching, and I have never seen so many temple halls and Buddhas on a single complex, with literally hundreds of carvings and sculptures.

At the prayer hall, devotees and visitors can make offerings through the purchase of wishing ribbons.  We took time to select our wishing ribbons, printed with different offerings and tied them to the wishing tree.  In the lull of the pre-tourist early morning, it was all very ethereal.

At Oscar’s request, we took brunch at the local Sri Ananda Bahwan restaurant opposite their school.  We ate a 28RM feast of plain roti, roti pisang (with Banana), Kothu Parotha (minced parotha with egg and meat) and lashings of mango lassi, mint juice and massala tea. Tasty.

As the sun sets one last time for us in Penang, this time tomorrow three-quarter’s of us will be back on British soil.  We are anxious but excited.  We wish for J to be with us (the bags are very heavy!), but he will, in time.

Sunflower Journey doesn’t stop here, it continues with new beginnings, new adventures and being Home.

The journey is the reward.  This has been the most incredible year of my life and not a single regret.  Ever.

Goodbye Penang, you’ve etched a place in our hearts forever xxxxxx


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