Hot hot hot, dealing with the heat of Cambodia

I can’t possibly begin to describe this heat. It is at times unbearable.  40 degrees.  Humid.  It is exhausting.  It is debilitating.  It is sticky, sweaty, itchy, wet.  Imagine your body feeling like it is in a constant state of post-workout.

How do I look?  Frizzy hair?  Make-up?  Seemingly luxurious worries soon forgotten.  Only one thought pervades every waking hour – how can I possibly cool down.  You take every possible opportunity to shower, though the fresh feeling is short-lived.  Even the shower isn’t as you expect, one temperature = warm.  I have decided I am actually quite lucky right now for I have only a small 4 x 2 inch mirror so I don’t have the pleasure of catching a glimpse of what must be a pretty scary sight.

Double fans at night positioned carefully to reach all 4 bodies in the room. We are all struggling in the heat, most of all the boys who have not yet recognised the signs in their own bodies that it is time to slow down, drink water, stop, take a rest.  Heat rash has set in, the medicated powder getting much use.  We dream constantly of cold water.  Iced water.  G&T’s seem a far gone luxury, in fact it is the very last thing on my mind.  Instead I dream of iced cool soda water.
There are of course, advantages of this heat.  Our washing is dry in minutes, and it is cheaper than hot yoga.
 Maybe I will think of some more advantages in time.  I have been assured we will acclimatise.  We have yet to see.
Relaxing in the TukTuk

Relaxing in the TukTuk

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