A Big journey to the Mekong – by Z

Saturday 20th December

I woke up and we went down to have breakfast on the boat. After breakfast we went to see our guide. Well, he took us to a massive van. It was so big for only 4 of us. It took us about 1 or 2 hours to the half way stop … it was luxurious. There was a log bridge. We all had a drink. I had some milk, mum had ice coffee so did dad and Oscar had 100+. We carried on with our journey.

Well the city was called Beautiful Lady city. We carried on with our journey until we reached the tuktuk stop. We got on a tuktuk with all our baggage. We got on a tuktuk because we had to go through very narrow passageways.

Then we reached the boats and we all had a photo together on the bridge. We then walked through a gate maybe it was someone’s house? We got on a boat, the boat number was 07. We went down the little delta until we reached the big Mekong.

We kept on going and then we were going to go on the bicycle ride with everyone else but we took a different route.   We went to see rice paper, rice noodles, coconut factory.

After the bicycle ride we stopped at a little place and had a few sweeties and some tea that I didn’t really like. Then we walked to a little place where they rowed us to our big boat 07. The boat took us down to the Mango Homestead. We had a 5 course lunch. We had prawn, chicken curry, rice, fish and fruit for pudding. In the afternoon we made rice paper. We also talked to a soldier who fought in the Cambodian war. We also saw a nail clipper family and a boat factory.

For dinner we had a cooking demonstration.

Sunday 21st December

The next day we had another bicycle ride. On the ride we visited the market and we went over a funny rickety bridge. We went back to mango home and had lunch. After lunch we went to see the brick factory. And back to ho chi minh city. Mum went to shop in some boring shoe market.

We also had some amazing pizza.


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3 Responses

  1. Jilly Cook says:

    I was so very impressed by this account of your trip to the Mekong river,Zac! Fantastic! What an adventure! Xxxxxx

  2. rosie says:

    Oh loved hearing the trip by you. Mums love boring shoe shops anywhere in the world